Branding Basics Book Giveaway!

I have read this book from cover to cover, recommended and given it to clients, and applied it to my own work.  Maria Ross’s book, Branding Basics for Small Business recently got great reviews from both Midwest Book Review and  It’s a must read for any entrepreneur or small business.

And so, since many of you, my community, fall into this category I am doing a giveaway (my first!)!  To qualify to win a copy of Maria’s book, you most post a comment here answering this question:  which three words do you think most perfectly describe your brand.  This can be your personal brand (“superwoman!”, “energizer!”, “motivator!”) or it can be your company’s brand (“tactical”, “empathetic”, “innovative”).  I will pick the winner at random tomorrow at 5PEST from the respondants!

Can’t wait to see your brands boiled down into three words!


  1. Edward Kim says


    Serve those around you to make them better and help them accomplish their goals, keep learning every step of the way and don’t be afraid of making changes, and build relationships that can sustain you in times of struggle, discouragement so that you can share smiles and stories when things turn out in your favor.

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