Change for Mature Businesses & Market Leaders

You’re already humming along, quite possibly leading your market. But perhaps you’ve hit a wall. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Growth has stalled or, worse, is in decline.
  • Objectives are being missed and sales targets are falling short
  • Employees are not performing at peak potential. They are disengaged, confused and unproductive due to weak leadership or an unclear vision
  • You can’t compete with upstarts for the right talent – and you’re losing future leaders to competitors.

Your business is running, but how long can it keep doing things the same old way? What can you do differently to ensure you have the right people in place to turn innovation into action?

The best weapon you have to shore up this foundation before it’s too late is to create a workplace environment where people and innovation can thrive.  Where retention goes up, turnover goes down and future leaders grow and blossom. Where your people buzz at maximum productivity, you crush your numbers and your growth skyrockets. And where great talent is lined up outside your door, begging for the chance to come inside.

It’s possible. We’ve seen it. But you have to create this environment with intention; it doesn’t just “happen.” No matter how entrenched your workforce practices have become, this transformation is within reach. And there’s no template blueprint to becoming the next go-to workplace. It starts with customized tweaks that are right for you and your people. It may require small changes in some areas, or one big change in another. You may think your people want the moon, but that’s just not true!

Sounds great. But how do we make this happen?

Rodskog Change Consulting can help you intentionally transform at your own pace, based on what’s right for your industry, your culture, your people and the work you need to do. We’ll inspire you with future-forward success stories, craft a vision that works for you and devise a solid plan to make it a reality.

DEFINE THE CHALLENGE: First, we bring clarity to what you really want to achieve. Are you looking for more growth, more engagement, better press, a bigger talent pipeline?  Which impacts do you want to make and how can they be measured so you know you’ve succeeded?

GET THE LAY OF THE LAND: Second, we can’t transform until we know where we are now. We’ll take a detailed snapshot of your current state and what’s really going on. Where are the bright spots that are currently working great so we can replicate them and where are the glitches so we can adjust and find a better way?

DISCOVER THE INSIGHTS: Third, we’ll assess how work is getting done and what your people need to bring their best to work for you every day.  How can we really engage them to join us in our vision and take on the crusade?  Often, it may not be what you thought, like a ping pong table or free lunch every day! What does the work environment need to hit all our goals based on what we need to do and how our people work? We take a 360 degree view of the industry, current constraints and new models of working and deliver insights from both sides: How best your work gets done and how your people work best. These insights reveal opportunities to make big and small changes that will have impact for your company and help us create The Big Picture:  If we maximize all these opportunities, what will our organization look like?

DEVELOP THE SOLUTION:  Now we bring change management principles to bear to carefully plan how and when we’ll achieve this future state. What are the processes, systems, structures, leadership training, strategies and tools we can put in place to achieve this transformation over time? This journey is often a mix of quick hits to gain momentum as well as longer-term initiatives.  For example, depending on goals, these programs can be anything as large as implementing a new performance  management system or a new strategic alignment process or as small as simple transparent leadership behaviors – things we like to call “Just Do It’s!”

CREATE THE PLAN: Now it’s time for the nitty gritty. What are the costs, who are the teams and what will be the timeline for rolling out these changes? We get down and dirty to break the vision down into achievable, realistic tasks. Rodskog Change Consulting can either leave the plan in your capable hands or we can help you implement any of the solutions right alongside you.

Ready to take your first step toward transformation? Contact us today.