Rodskog Change Consulting exists to help clients create the workplace of the future: one in which innovation thrives and the organization’s success aligns with the passions and talents of each employee.  .

This is not just a strategic visioning exercise. While we help you craft the vision and inspire you with future-forward models and success stories, our extensive experience in corporate change management ensures we make it real. Together, we use the most effective tools and processes possible to tailor your action plan and accomplish successful change.

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The Approach

1. Assess Current State
An up-front assessment of where you are right now.  What is the need and motivation for change?

2. Define Future State
What is the end goal? How will we know when we have reached it?

3. Design Alternatives
One of the amazing things about stepping into this process is the aspect of possibilities.  Sometimes we think we know the answer of “how” – our job is to make sure we are exploring every opportunity for change, and prioritizing based on your needs and capacity for change.

4. Develop Plan
Once we know where we are headed, we create the plan to get there, and whatever else we need along the way.

5. Execute and Thrive Once the plan is in place, all that’s left is to DO IT! We will hold the plan lightly, adjusting as needed when priorities and resources change. We will work with the commitment and energy needed to make it happen.