Meet Rebecca

Some of my clients call me an “Innovation Strategist.” Others call me a “Change Agent,” a “Curator of Connections” or just simply “Coach.” A handful of fans know me as an indie film actress. And my kids call me “mom.” (Let’s keep it that way.)

But what I really am is a “Workplace Crusader”, helping organizations transform outdated or non-scaleable practices into future-thinking, market-leading cultures where the best people can thrive.

I’m an experienced consultant in the field of organizational transformation, change management and innovation. My over 20 years of experience span large-scale, Fortune 500 multi-million dollar projects to start-up clients to small, independent one-on-one coaching relationships. 

I’ve sat on both sides of the recruitment table, ripped apart (and rebuilt) development plans and organizational structures, inspired executives to rip up old leadership models and chart a new course and climbed mountains (both metaphorical, and…Mt. Shasta). My over 20-year consulting + coaching career has carried me from executive business suites at Dow Chemical, Gateway Computers, Chevron and Accenture, to the hallowed halls of Columbia University where I am proud to say I’m listed as one of the top 10 recommended MBA  leadership coaches by their Program on Social Intelligence. Most recently, my passion for aligning culture to increased productivity led me to ?What If!, a leading global innovation consultancy where, as Director of Culture and Capability in their Transformation practice,  I’ve advised organizations such as Google, Genetech, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson and Time Warner on fostering innovation and creating winning cultures. It’s good to be seasoned, mobile + nimble. 

I cut my teeth on foundation skills and methodologies while working as a Manager in Accenture’s Change Management Practice and expanded those competencies through developing a financial services internet company, collaborating with niche change management consulting firms and consulting independently. 

Now, I’m on a mission to create thriving workplaces so that all of us can flourish, grow and do work that matters. All while meeting the company’s goals but without sacrificing who we are or the things that mean the most to us.

My workplace crusade arsenal includes:

  • Accelerating leadership through developing innovative leadership programs
  • Building organizational innovation and change management capability
  • Designing workplace and transformation strategy
  • Engaging and aligning employees with organizational strategy and goals
  • Implementing organizational design strategies
  • Coaching individuals and teams
  • Developing and delivering training and session facilitation

 Along the path, I’ve picked up on three steadfast values behind successful individuals, organizations & communities. You might even call them mini-manifestos—or tried-and-truisms for life, work and success.

  1. People crave purpose, autonomy and collaboration. They want their organizations to succeed just as much as the organization wants to succeed. And working together, rather than at odds, we can do better.
  2. We all want to enjoy our work. And the more organizations enable their people to do their best work – whether through leadership development, innovative work environments or modern approaches to individual development — the more both sides win.
  3. When we respect the individual and the talents they can bring to the table, we amplify our impact.

I believe that organizations often get in the way of their people trying to do their best work. But the workplace of the future demands a new model if the organization wants to thrive. Gone are the days when good people would just remain loyal while the corporate structure around them refused to develop their talents, utilize their strengths or adapt to their changing needs. Not when the work they do drives the company’s very success.

Employees who want to surround themselves with quality experiences, opportunities + connections are not being elitist or entitled. When we immerse ourselves in environmental excellence —with the right tools, mentors, and space for our own talents to shine—we can’t help but accelerate change in ourselves, our organization, and the world. To put it in the simplest possible terms—positivity begets productivity which is good for your organization’s profitability. 


Nodding your head along with me? Good.


If you’re a founder or hot start-up looking to scale to great heights without losing the heart and soul that made your company special, let’s talk. Together, we can plant the seeds now to keep your culture healthy later

If you’re a small to mid-sized business that grew from 5 to 5000 so rapidly, you barely had time to breathe, let alone put the right cultural and workforce foundation in place – and now those growing pains are affecting future growth, let’s talk. Together, we can prune away those shaky practices while you continue to grow. 

If you’re an established mature business or market leader that knows your people are your greatest asset but are not sure where to begin transforming an ingrained culture to better support their best work, let’s talk. Together, we can make targeted changes that increase innovation and retention. This is not Sci-Fi. This is happening today, most likely at a competitor. And if you don’t want to keep losing your best people and falling short of your goals, we can help.

If you’re an individual looking to up your game, clarify your next steps or simply match your talents and passions with the right role, I offer coaching services that can help you thrive.


Here’s to sparking corporate evolution + workplace transformation.


WHAT’S IN A NAME? The Rodskog Story

A Redwood and a Passionate Principal.

Rebecca’s husband is Norwegian, and when they married, she took his last name, Rodskog, which means red forest in Norwegian. This was significant to her because at the time, they were living in her beloved San Francisco which is home to some of the most beautiful redwoods in the world. The symbolism of the redwood, and growth through this partnership with her husband, inspired her deeply.

Rebecca’s husband relayed to her the name’s origins. It turns out that the family name was originally Anderson, a nice, traditional, Norwegian last name. His great-grandfather, however, decided to change it to reflect the school at which he was principal, The Rodskog School. This man was so passionate about his life’s work that he changed his family name to pay tribute to it. Rebecca’s wish is that all of us be so engrossed and in love with our work, that we want it be infused into our identity. That is her goal with all of her clients, individual or corporate: to find and nurture the passion within yourself and your people.

Rodskog Change Consulting was founded to show people and organizations how to embrace change and increase growth, productivity and a profound sense of value.