Going Public

Tomorrow is a big day for me:  I am on two panels at the Columbia Women In Business Conference, as well as a sponsor of the event.  My postcard is going in the 700 “Goodie Bags” that are going home with the participants.  The card has on it a link to my new website that I just converted to WordPress YESTERDAY, which marks the official launch of my BLOG (which you are kind enough to now be reading!).  This postcard link allows participants access to a Toolkit I just created about how to make a decision about motherhood and working, that I developed with authors Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober who wrote an amazing book called Getting to 50/50:  How You Can Have It All By Sharing it All. This is my first real publication, and my first “tool”, my first blog, and my first public foray into an area that I want to take my consulting business (more on that in another post but let’s just say it has to do with retaining moms and dads in the workforce).

The crazy thing is, I’m not nervous at all.  I use this technique constantly:  set a date where others will be counting on something, and you will get it done!  So I did!  I used this conference as the impetus for finishing my conversion to WordPress, launching my blog, and creating my first toolkit.  I did it!

This week I also decided to take my need to workout public with my husband.  I told him I wanted to carve our 1-2 mornings to work out and that I needed his support – not just by watching the kids those mornings, but by making sure I actually went!  Guess what?  I went to the gym two times in the morning this week!  IT WORKS!  I’d been avoiding asking for help (going public) because I knew it meant I would have to do it (kinda like not telling anyone you’re on a diet so if you fall off it no one can call you on it?!)

But in addition to just the “things I got done by ‘going public’”, I believe the theme of this blog to be about my own “going public” with my challenges and triumphs with change.  I am an expert at change management, but I, like you, struggle with it often, and sometimes daily.  This blog is about THAT:  how does the Change Agent deal with change in HER life?  Enjoy.

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