Without a Map

I am high off my day with Seth Godin, who provided a small group of us further insight and a forum to discuss the concepts from his latest book, Linchpin.  First of all, I LOVE this book.  Every paragraph I read seemed to articulate part of what I am trying to do here on Earth.  I want to help people change.  Today Seth talked about that we have two choices – either to teach people a way to do something (give them the map), or to give them a new perspective (show them they can create their own map!)!  I’ve been a bit trapped in the concept of the “what” am I teaching, and today I realized it’s more important for me to share my perspective, and insight, and to give people the gift of a new way of thinking.

This isn’t to say I won’t be providing more content in the shape of books, toolkits, webinars, etc., but my focus is really on my message, not the exact “map” as Seth calls it.  I have known all along that a foundation of a process is good, but every individual needs to have their own way of getting there.  I, as their coach, help provide the insight, thought, reflection, support, cheer-leading, you name it, to make sure that they are granted the best chance of success possible.

Thank you, Seth, for reminding me why I do what I do.

A quick update on my fitness progress:  I conducted my “Equifit” with the trainer at the gym – a lovely, engaged (Linchpin) named Ryan, who told me a few things:  1) my weight and body fat %, slightly sobering but not off base from what I assumed 2) what program I should conduct in order to work towards my goal of consistently showing up — I need to do things I like!  I said I like yoga and cardio, and he said then do that!  Love him!  But, he did say that having strength training as part of my fitness plan is really the most effective way to obtain fitness and that it will give me more structure when I show up at the gym.  With those words and the body fat % rolling around in my brain, I decided that I was going to hire him to to help me put that program together. I have been “good” – meeting the minimum of workouts (3) but am looking forward to a real program that I can put in my calendar and execute, vs. willy-nilly working out with no real intention around what, when or why.

Next post:  Discipline or “Shipping It Out!”

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