FutureNow Inspiration Journeys – San Francisco June 17-19 || NYC Sept 30 – Oct 2

Who:  Exceptional Leaders who care about the future of their organization and the employees that make it what it is
What: A 3-day Inspiration Journey to ignite new thinking, unearth fresh insights, and build momentum to make the changes necessary for a better future.
Why: Today’s organizations are stuck.  We want to help unstick them and create workplaces where their people can thrive!
How: Inspiration through visits to cutting-edge host companies, insights through facilitated sessions with experienced innovation professionals, and action through planning, coaching and conferring with our experienced staff and your fellow delegates.

Join a select delegation in a revelatory 3-day behind-the-scenes exchange with cutting-edge Bay area business visionaries. You won’t leave with just a few good ideas…you’ll leave with a plan.



Host leaders and companies for our June 17-19 Inspiration Journey include*…

  • eBay, Inc. – Dane Howard of Global Brand Experience (Paypal, eBay, etc.) about the intersection of brand and its people, plus others from eBay’s innovative leadership group. Learn how they’re attracting and retaining future leaders.
  • Achievers – A company whose main product enables engagement through technology for its clients, but also walks the walk when it comes to their own culture!
  • Gap, Inc. – We’ll engage with other Gap executives in HR and Talent Development and run an insight session on Future Leadership where we will invite Millenials (from both inside Gap, Inc and outside) to develop insights around what leadership looks like to them, and how organizations need to be thinking to develop this next generation of leaders
  • Everwise & Citrix – Everwise’s, “The eHarmony of mentoring”‘s CEO and Founder Mike Bergelson along with Diana Joseph, the Director of Education at Citrix, are offering a session with other HR leaders in Silicon Valley to explore new solutions to current workplace challenges
  • Box – The SVP of People, Evan Wittenberg, and other Box leaders will reveal how they’re approaching their future talent pipeline while scaling and creating an incredibly engaging, award-winning culture

Each inspiration journey will visit 4+ host companies who are either famous for their engaging culture and/or are doing something incredibly innovative in the talent space. These visits are meant to inspire and unearth insights about the top items on today’s organizations’ people agendas. But beyond inspiration, we’ll run interactive events and sessions to help the delegates bridge from insights into action for their own organization. The group will be capped at a very small number, so they’ll be able to receive personal attention and coaching for their own challenges. The goal is for the delegates to be energized and equipped to move from inspiration to action once the tour is complete.

*speaker and engagement schedule subject to change  

Contact us today to save your spot before there are none left! Visit www.futureleadernow.com to learn more.

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