I’ve been bad

The last week was filled with some working out, and some good intention, but mostly it was filled with lots of good wine and good company.  As mentioned in my last post, I was out with friends from college in Boston for a long weekend, which ended in lots of late night shenanigans, then I was home for a couple days, then out to the Bay Area for work and to see friends again.

So I was a little good in between the badness…I worked out both days I was home.  And I braved seeing my dear Ken-doll trainer, Ryan (seriously…could play Ken in the movie, if there was one). And I worked HARD!  I took care of myself by eating my (good) carbs before working out and I made it through with no shakes and no drama.  I packed my bags with the intention of fitting in a least a walk along the bay or maybe a yoga class with a friend.

But my dear friend Wine was invited to the party each of the nights I was there.  And I couldn’t turn her down.  She’s so lovely and smooth and she slips in so easily you almost don’t notice her.  But the next day you remember she was there.  She left an impression.

I only had one real opportunity to work out, but that idea went out as fast as it blew in.  So here I am, a week later from my last session with Ryan, with no progress or activity to report.

Am I bad?  Or did I just take a week off?  I’m going with the latter because I’ve already scheduled in all my workouts for the coming week and I know I’m going to hit them.  But it’s very hard to shake off the guilt, and I feel like a bit of a fraud.  Stick with me folks – I swear I’m in it for the long run.


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    Dude. As soon as you label it “bad” or “good”, you are screwed. You work out when you can, follow your good intentions most of the time, and give yourself a break while traveling and working hard. BTW. Do as I say, not as I do. ( ’cause I’m a big ol’ hypocrite….)

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      I love it! I know, I know, but part of this is to be totally honest, and I felt BAD! So I outed my inner thoughts and am re-framing…I WAS bad but it being bad every once in a while is OK! xo

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    A fraud? You’re just human, Becky. With all you’ve taken on it’s a wonder you aren’t walking around with an open bottle of “Bad” permanently in hand. Pace yourself. Be realistic. And ban that word “hypocrite” from your vocab. Reserve it for anyone whose reading this and judging you!!


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